Are You Feeding an Idol?

What idol are you sacrificing too?
     I have struggled with being over weight most of my life. Not really because I have a strong appetite, that could be curved by some sort of appetite suppressant. I wish it was that easy. Oh ya I admit at first I bought into all the many diets that promised to be the answer. After many years of failing, I realized this wasn't about appetite, it was about my relationship with food. I ate when I was happy and things were going my way. I ate when I was angry, sad, lonely, discouraged, etc. I knew I needed to get control of that, but how. White knuckling worked for a short time, but then something would happen and I couldn't control it any longer and now I would even eat more. Justifying that I deserved it because this wasn't fair to me. The lies satan tells us! I really do have reasons I could blame it on, PCOS, heredity, etc. and yet deep inside me I knew it was much more then this.

     Today God revealed to me a new thinking and insight that I truly felt convicted to share with you on here. As I'm doing my time with God every morning, I ask him to let me understand what he has for me this day and apply it to my life that I may grow as He would want me to. So as I was beginning Revelations; anticipating the many stories of the end times that I had read multiple times, He revealed something huge to me. Now this might be something He had just for me, but I don't think so. 

     As I think, I have mentioned before on here, I have never felt I had a problem with having another god, or idol, or bowing down to anything. Yet God continues to show me that it isn't just believing in Him as my savior that he's talking about in these verses and through out His word. I believe we can have idols or gods without even realizing it. That is how satan wants it. 

     In Revelations 2:14 God is telling John what to write to the churches. He is talking about the Israelites sinning by eating food sacrificed to idols. Normally I would have whipped right on by this. I've read many things about that subject, but not this time. The Holy Spirit said to me when you eat out of anger, stress, etc. you are sacrificing to idols. He went on to explain to me, that what ever is causing the emotion is the idol. Now stick with me here. The best way I can explain it is when we go to God with a problem, request, we really want Him to answer it in the way we want it to go. If we are truly mature in our relationship with Him we want His will. So we are relating to Him in expectations or acceptance.  So if you are hurt that your husband forgot your anniversary you are relating as a expectation. An expectation of him to please you by remembering your anniversary. God is truly the only one we have to please. So if we are replacing God with ourselves to be pleased we have become our own idol. If we go stuff our face because of our hurt, then we are sacrificing food to our idol.  Yet if we could look at it more mature, with acceptance that he is human, and that it is not all about me, etc. satan can't have that foothold on us and cause us to sacrifice food to our idol. Imagine if we would look at everything this way and take it all to God as we are suppose to do, how much better our life and our weight would be. 

     If your stressed out because you are trying to go to school, work, take care of a family, a home, etc. ask yourself why you are doing all this is it because you are trying to please your parents who always dreamed of you graduating from college, build your own self esteem or worth, etc.? Who just became the idol...your parents, you, etc.? Is this what God wants you to do? Then we add insult to injury by stuffing our face and sacrificing food to our idol. Also you're sacrificing yourself, your health, your marriage, your children,(Ezekiel 16:20 & 23:37) 

     The next time I feel some emotion that makes me want to stuff my face, I will be looking at it very differently. Is God on the throne or is it someone or something else?

     Maybe it isn't food you run to to feed your idol. Maybe it is shopping, pornography, work, exercise, etc. It still is against God.

In Him