Deep Thoughts

It's very difficult for me with this blog thing because I LOVE Interior decorating and God has given me a gift people say. So I could so easily fill it with that kind of stuff. Believe me I follow MANY blogs that feed that in me. Yet I also LOVE talking about God and all He is to me and does for me. So I'm going to try and make this a mixture of the two along with many other subjects near and dear to my heart. I thought about going back to school to get a degree, yet I struggle with the whole concept that we as Christians shouldn't worry about such a materialistic way. I believe God gave me the gift and He knows what He is doing. Sure I decorate the church and stuff like that but....I just don't know. I look at the incredible beauty and detail He put into the earth and the seasons and know He gets it. As women He made us to enjoy beautiful things and be creative with our hands and minds. So with those thoughts, I will do my best. Thanks for listening.

Joining the blog world

I decided to join the blog world. I've been thinking about it for quite sometime now, but just wondered if I really had what it takes. I wondered if I had anything to say that anyone else would want to read. Then the other day I was at my ladies Bible study in which we are doing the Beth Moore series Esther, and she said so many things that just made me decide I wanted to go for it. I will be sharing those things along the way I'm sure. I also looked at several of the blogs that I follow and realized they thought the same thing when they first started. So I'm looking forward to meeting new people and having fun.