A Make Over

I checked out many new patio sets but was amazed at the cost so I decided to make over our old one. Which by the way, we picked up on the curb several years ago. It is very well built and I'm sure was an expensive one in it's day. This is the best picture I had of it before. Also I get to show off my beautiful granddaughter. The cushions were worn a little and kinda smelled from years of weathering,and the umbrella didn't go up very well anymore. Most of all it was very rusted and almost all the straps were rotten and broke.
So we tore it all apart.
And then we primed it, painted it, and put new strapping on it. We were so excited to find the strapping at Lowe's. We had looked and looked for years with no luck. Now we find out you can order it online in colors. How I wish I would have known that. When we had looked before online we had no luck finding it then. (Once again sorry about the date on the picture as well as it is wrong. My hubby bought me a new one since I had dropped that one in the kiddy pool and it hadn't been right since. Also we were going on a amazing trip to Europe to see our son and daughter-in-law and didn't want to miss a thing. Pictures and stories coming soon. Totally off the subject.) 
Here is a picture after we had painted them, but before the new strapping. It got dark and we wanted to get them finished so we brought them inside and hadn't taken any pictures till we were on the last one.

See how a brown strapping would have been nice. We have thought about painting them we will see. Also we made step by step pictures of how to do this since there was no real instructions in the package and the internet had some but only using water and we came up with using the hair dryer. So if anyone wants to see them, let me know and I will post them. We had to take the table all apart also and remove the glass, so we could paint it. I didn't get any pictures of that. It was time consuming I guess, but very well worth it. It looks like a brand new set and we are very happy with it.

We bought new cushions,
and a new umbrella. Makes me want to go get flowers for the pots and make it all pretty. I'll post new pictures if I get that done. Our yard is so shady it's hard to get a good picture. Just wanted to share my newest project. Can't wait to enjoy it.

Have a GREAT day 

In Him

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