Doing a little changing

     We have been making some changes around here, in many ways, but this is one of them. I started scraping off the wallpaper in the stairway about a year ago I think. Then life got crazing and I had to stop and do other things. We all know how that goes, don't we? At the first of the year I vowed I was going to get it finished and some other projects I had put off way to long. I have to say I did love this wallpaper when we moved here twelve years ago, but it was showing some wear and tear. Especially with a washer and dryer going up those stairs, wow what a trip that was. Any way, as you can see I forgot to take pictures of the before but here is a few of the during.

My date is way off on my camera. It happened when I dropped it in the kiddy pool last summer while taking care of my grandchildren. Amazed it still even works and if I was not technically challenged I would remove it, but haven't learned that yet. Any way after much work and lots of help from my husband fixing the old walls, and such. We painted a nice color of brown called Latte and I love it.

Most importantly I wanted to take down the old throw we had hanging at the top of the stairway for all these years that had the "As for me and my house...", verse on it. And replace it with a vinyl one made on my Pazzles cutter. Which my wonderful husband surprised me with several years ago. At that time I said I wanted to do this. So a few years later, I finally have it done and put up. Also many thanks to my husband since he has so much patience to measure it all out and place it precisely where it needed to be.

I'm thinking about painting one of those huge tree's on the wall to the left and hang pictures on it. Also someday we are going to put a panel wainscoting on the right going up and around the stairway. So as we get it done I will post pictures. Please don't hold your breath, we are slow and steady kind of people. Also I keep us moving all over the house instead of staying in one place to long. You will see as we get to know each other more. Have a GREAT day!!!!!!

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