Martha working hard to be a Mary

 The other day I said I stay at home and don't get out much. You see, I am a Martha. I was raised very old school, not that that is bad, I like old school. My dad always said when your work is done you can play. So I have always lived that, and in my 40's learned your work is never done. Now I can probably say he was a workaholic. I admired him, he worked very hard and very long hours. Even in his 70's shortly before he passed away, he was working very hard and long hours, with his feet all bandaged because they were bleeding. It makes me cry just thinking of it. Yet there was no way you could slow him down. If you offered to do what ever it was he thought was so important. He just saw it as a way to get more done. He wouldn't sit down and let you do it. I'm very much that way also and yet God has showed me a different side of this with the Mary, Martha story.  

 I appreciate a good work ethic, and tried very hard to raise my children in that manner. You see I have also saw the other side where people will let you do everything for them. They even say I would rather pay to have it done, then do it myself. I really have never understood that kind of thinking. In my eyes that is just lazy, but maybe I have some learning to do there. What I have learned is because of my thinking I have missed out on some fun times that I could have had. I always went to all my kids ballgames, events etc. but missed too many times when I should have just played. Don't get me wrong we had some really fun times, and my children have been told they have great work ethic's by others. Yet at what price? My dad drove my brother and I hard, just as he drove himself. I also drove my children hard, sorry to say. The saying children learn what they live, is true. I have apologized to them and asked for their forgiveness. Yet that being said I'm proud of them and how they have turned out. God is good.

  I need to clarify, that I do not believe in any way that I can work my way to God. That is not my driving force in any way. I know my salvation is a free gift from God that I just had to accept. Which I did many, many, years ago. It is that I am driven by that to do list, as Martha was. Our childhood ways are hard to change. Yet I do believe this is one, I am being called to work on. In Luke 10: 41-42, Jesus says to Martha "Martha, Martha, you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed. Mary had chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her." I believe he is calling me to focus on Him and telling others about Him. As I sit here writing I'm fighting everything in me to go do my to do list for today and yet I believe, in a strange kind of way it is satan's foothold. I just read a few days ago in Sarah's e-book, Frumps to Pumps over at her blog, Stretching into Blue at" The imposing standards on myself that aren't from God is a sure way to give a foothold to the enemy." Wow is that powerful!!! She goes on to say, "Don't let yourself trip into any legalistic landmines, they will burn up your joy." Thank you Sarah!! That's exactly what I'm talking about. I recommend all her books, they are great!!! 

I want to work and keep up my home etc., but I believe God wants us to put Him and others ahead of that to do list. I once heard a woman speak on organizing time and she said if you have scheduled on your list some household chore and a friend calls you to go for coffee. You have to say sorry I can't, I have a prior commitment. I disagree!!!!!!!!!!! Yet I'm so sad to say I have done this in some form or another. God forgive me. I do not believe when I stand before Him this will be honoring to Him. Maybe for you, it is something else that steals your time from Him. TV, crafts, telephone, exercise, etc., it doesn't have to be a bad thing. None of those are bad in themselves it's what we sacrifice for them that makes them bad. Don't let satan steal your joy, take it back TODAY!!!! I am.

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