Lets get REAL!!!

   Does it matter what others think of you? So many times in my life I have been told it shouldn't and part of me agrees. Yet there is another part that doesn't. Maybe your not like me. Maybe your one of those people that gets up in the morning, every morning, seven days a week, and showers, does your hair, make-up, etc. before anything. Not that that's bad, I'm just not that way. I get up, make my breakfast and COFFEE, and sit with the Lord for about a hour or so. If I'm going to be cleaning and so, I don't get a shower till I'm done. If you stopped by my house during that time would I answer the door? Honestly it probably depends on how bad I look and who you are. How's that for honesty. Yet it is so true. Right now you may be laughing because it is so you or gasping that I put that out there for everyone to read. I guess as I'm getting older I feel a strong need to be REAL. I think God wants that from me. So I'm going to camp here for a while. We are going to get REAL!!
How about you, is God calling you to realness? I honestly don't know what God has in store for me on this path, but I'm willing to take you along if you want to come. 
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    As I look at this path, I kinda see a metaphor of life. The grass looks green, yet spotted with snow. The path looks like it might be slippery. Just past that first set of trees there is a path that goes to the left. It appears much darker up front and yet further down there seems to be a brightness and maybe a clearing of sorts. It definitely is not a perfectly straight path.
     Isn't that true with life it may appear to others and maybe even ourselves that it is green grass and yet sprinkled in is the cold hard facts of bills, loss of jobs, death, loneliness, heartaches, smashed dreams, etc. Our paths can be slippery and we turn our eyes away from God and we fall. Try as we may to get up and carry on, we struggle. Some cry out to the Lord and he lifts us up out of there and puts us on a better path. Some decide to stay down and wallow in their pity. Some curse God and ask how could you. Others say "I can do this" and they count only on themselves. Yet even others cry out to God and he lets us know he has allowed this in our lives for our own good. As a good parent would for a unruly child.
     Why do we all handle things differently? Why do we "handle" them at all? Do some of us believe God is not capable? Do we think we can do a better job, or we just don't want to bother God with this one? Do we not even believe there is a God? Maybe some of us think that "God just doesn't work that way for me, you don't know my past." " I'm just not really that nice of person and you have to be a nice person for God." "My path is very busy I don't have time for God." " Ya, I tried God, but he let me down." We hear many excuses everyday, even out of our own mouths or at least in our heads. Yet isn't the real truth we don't want to get REAL. We don't want to make that time in our schedule. Were afraid of what we may have to deal with. Were afraid of what God might ask of us. Are you ready to get REAL?
    Remember, we are walking this path together, if you choose to do so. This gives me lots of food for thought. How about you? I don't know what I/we are in store for tomorrow. I have agreed with God that its time to get really REAL and I can't imagine any better way to do it, then with your accountability. Please pray about this.
    I pray you will choose to become a follower so I know I'm not just talking to myself. Looking forward to tomorrow.    
 In Him   

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